Saturday, August 11, 2012


Hi! I've been experimenting with my Nesco Harvest Food Dehydrator. Since I shouldn't have much coffee or tea, due to my fibrocystic breast condition, I want to make my own blends out of herbs and fruits. 

I found out that dehydrating herbs is quick and easy, but something to have in mind is that they are better dehydrated one type at a time, because they will shrink and fall through the the trays. The first time I ended up with some herbs mixed up. Yesterday I was drying the fruits and had a free tray so decided to dry some parsley, since it spoils so quickly. But I wasn't smart enough to put the tray on the bottom. The fruits have some parsley sprinkles in them lol

I like the fact that the fruits and herbs don't loose their natural color. Look how red the strawberries and red bell peppers still are:

How green the parsley is:

The yellow in the oranges:

And the pink guavas:

Well, the color is neat, but the taste is wonderful, it's concentrated. Now just have to experiment with root vegetables... And better storage options, this will be consumed on short term so I'm not worried, but I'd like to start dehydrating and storing season products, so I won't have to buy they extra expensive when they're out of season.

Happy cooking everyone!

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