Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cookies for a celebration

We're celebrating at the school's library, it's Language and Book Week. My little contribution is a bunch of cookies...

The recipe is so simple, they're ready in about twenty minutes (preparation and all). To make them mix 100 gr of unsalted margarine, 100 gr flour, 50 gr cornstarch, 50 gr confectioner's sugar, when the dough  is compact (without over working it), flatten it to disc with a roller, cut it with cookie cutters. Bake it at 150º F until golden brown. Cool on a rack and then sprinkle with confectioners sugar.

That's the basic recipe, you can add any dry flavor of your choice: instant coffee, cinnamon, lemon grind, grounded nuts... 

Tomorrow I'm starting a seminar on chocolate, we'll learn to prepare and make bonbons and such. Don't worry, I'll spread the knowledge.

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