Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Very hungry day

I'd been working a lot, even got a volunteering job a few days a week in the afternoon. Sometimes I have to skip lunch, ouch! 

I got very hungry on Saturday, you know, housework plus the paper work I have to  take home from school... Maybe that's just an excuse, but my lunch was delicious lol

Regular pasta became extra healthy with two sauces, bologna and spinach. Bologna has ground meat, seasoned with Worcestershire sauce. garlic, onion, sea salt, basil, oregano and a bay leaf, of course, tomato and tomato paste; the fancy touch is a couple of olives in it. The Spinach sauce is super easy, just cook the spinach leaves a couple of minutes on a little boiling, salted water, then remove, let set and put it on the blender with a couple of peeled garlic gloves, half an onion, pepper and pecorino cheese (you can add a little milk and cream cheese to get a softer taste). Sprinkled with olive oil and pecorino (yep, like it way better than Parmesan).

Then there's the salad. Tomato, cucumber, apple, celery, lettuce, red bell pepper with a youghurt sauce, made with plain youghurt, goat cheese with herbs, thyme, sea salt and pepper.

Dessert was sweet plantain. Boil the plantain, cut in thick pieces, with sugar, grounded cinnamon and cloves. Water should only cover the plantains, so it thickens and make a nice syrup.

Yum!!!! Happy cooking!

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