Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Chocolates again

Long title for this post. A friend, Jessica, came with her daughter Reina and her boyfriend Jorge to learn how to make chocolate lollipops and filled bonbons. 

We made two types of filling: strawberry and arequipe (milk caramel).

Jessica brought two silicon lollipop molds. One for her, one for me. They are easier to used than I expected, being used as I am to my beloved polycarbonate molds.

The chocolate wasn't the highest quality, something happened and it got muddy, we just mixed the milk caramel filling with it and grounded peanut, then made balls and rolled them on chopped peanut. Didn't look so good but they do taste fine.

With the left over chocolate made strawberries topped with chocolate (yummy!!!)

Here's the whole batch.

And then we had a little sweet snack, tea made with the dried strawberries mixed with black tea. We needed a lot, my guess is that it'll be better alone or mixed with green tea instead.

Guess who sat first at the table??? Yep, kids lol

I'll have to post the bonbons tutorial... Until then, bon appetit!

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