Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What to eat during a power outage

We had a power outage on Sunday. It was rainy and cold,  I wanted something warm for dinner but my stove is electric. Then I decided to experiment with my candle operated fondue set, yep, a whole dinner heated on a single candle.

First I heated the leftover tea. It took ages, it was on the fridge.

Then I heated the bread. It was easier since the pan is so thin.

Then made a mock fondue. First step, butter, a garlic clove, dehydrated parsley an fresh ground pepper.

Second step, turkey breast ham.

Third step, yellow cheese, mine is Uruguayan.

Then it melts all together and is ready to eat. Good thing is that I was a good housekeeper the day before and had guava marmalade, carrot and orange marmalade and red bell peppers in a jar (cooked with vinegar and sugar). 

It took a lot of time but worked out fine at the end and I have to admit it was fun. Of course in case of an emergency, it's not very practical. I will get  a mini gas cylinder in case I have another black out like this one. Back in 1991-1992 with the political situation here in Venezuela, we had a hard time, there were riots and people have to be on lines sometimes overnight and for a long time just to get some food and to refill their gas cylinders. Which address me to another subject, my stock pile, I'm building it back up, it's hard because I must help mom and she always seems to be out of  something. We're having elections again, and past time we had the riots I was fine, because I had enough food on my pantry so I didn't need to go out and wasn't involved in all that nonsensical situation. 

As we say in Venezuela ¡Buen provecho!

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