Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Smoked pork chop

When someone cleaning, dusting and sorting stuff to throw and give away, well, is a fact that she or he might get hungry, enough to want a hot meal that cooks quick. Yeah, I forgot to mention that "someone" also has to cook if she (me) wants to eat.

I don't know why the Lord made me this way, but I'm sure happy He did lol Yep, I could have fried the thing and eat it. Instead, came up with a fancy sauce... Sweet and sour sauce, a tbs of cane sugar, ginger, pepper, pinch of sea salt and half a glass of water poured over the chop after is was fried (with just a ts of olive oil and butter). Then threw in sliced red apples.
As a side dish made a simple salad with lettuce, mint leaves, currants, sliced red apples and shallot. For the dressing a bit of sea salt, freshly ground pepper and olive oil. A few tiny casabes (indigenous yucca bread, but a gourmet version) were the perfect companion because they are a bit bitter.

She (me) the tired hungry creature found it satisfying, delicious and a must repeat recipe. Hardly ever drink alcohol, but this time a raspberry wine was a great choice.

Enjoy your meal!

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