Sunday, May 16, 2010

About this blog

Hi all! I'm Sandra from Painting with threads. There I posted sometimes about food. Welcome to my new blog.

Cooking is also an art, as much as embroidery, knitting, crocheting and painting, but I believe in this world we're living in, this art is on danger, that is for many reasons, but most important two...

One of them is time schedule, we're imposed to work, work after work and then do all the chores... How much time do we have left for cooking??? And enjoying the process???

The other main reason is economics. If you live in a country like mine, where to get tomatoes you should go buy them at a jewelry store, not a grocery store, your shopping list will be suffering trims each week. We start thinking bread is not a first need article, but a luxury... That leads us to the subject, what can I cook with a tomato, half an onion and some cheese??? This is where I step in, real cooking, for regular people.

I stopped reading the ingredients at the recipes, they're full of stuff either unavailable at my corner of the world or too expensive to get it. I just look at the pictures and figure out how to do it with the things I have at my pantry and fridge. Isn't that a creative process? Oh yeah! Also love playing with my food, we're systemic, also eat with our eyes, food should look good. My inspiration started when I was about five years old and saw the pictures of a Chinese cooking book my dad owned. Now there are some cooking blogs I fancy, but specially worth mention, Pikko's blog.

For all the singles out there, just because you don't live with someone doesn't mean you need to spend less time on grooming your meals. I am single, I care about myself, I love myself, therefore I tell myself how much I love me, fancy looking food is a good way to do it. Bet you've heard that before; my coworkers say that I have time to do this because I live alone, if my BF lived with me or I was married I wouldn't have the time. But, of course, they all ask me to cook something nice for them on any silly excuse (birthdays, mother day, father day, teachers day, valentine's and such). Seems they're just jealous lol So, single people out there, dare to let yourself know how much you love you. Play with your food!

No more words, this is what I had to eat yesterday:



Dough made with "Harina PAN"

Hearts made with cookie cutters.






I'll end by saying I'm not planning to post recipes, just images of my cooking and share random thoughts on it, as well as the occasional dishcloth or cooking related craft.

Happy cooking!

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